Friday, August 14, 2009

Boxelder Creek, 8x6, oil on Wallis paper, $275

This painting started out as a 9x12, but got cropped when I decided to frame it in a black frame. My friend Klea mentioned that the paintings that are predominantly cool look better in the black frames than the frames with a warm cast. She is so good at identifying stuff like that! Anyway, the only black frame I had was a 6x8, so I cropped it and made a very exciting presentation I think. This painting is in Cheyenne and will be part of the Wyoming Plein Air show which begins Saturday. I'm a little nervous about the quick draw tomorrow as its outside at the Depot Square in Cheyenne and not at all the type of subject I'm used to painting - and right during the Farmer's Market. But, I guess thats also the fun of it, right?

This painting is available at Deselm's Fine Art in Cheyenne.

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