Friday, October 22, 2010

OPA Show in Jackson

I took a spur of the moment trip to Jackson, Wyoming (about 6 hours away) on Wednesday to take in the Western Regional Oil Painters of America show at Mountain Trails Gallery. It was well worth the trip! Got lots of photos of the mountains and cottonwoods on the way up and then spent a couple of hours at the gallery looking and seeing paintings by people I've never heard of and a few by people I've admired since I began painting.

It left me inspired and dissatisfied with my own work. In a good way I think. It re-oriented my sights on color again and the skillful use of it to say what you want to say about something. For quite some time I've been concentrating on composition, which is certainly foundational. Now I think its time to go back to paying a bit more attention to, and giving pre-painting thought to, color. How do I want to use it to give the feeling of a place or a time? What combination will accomplish that? How much do I try to be literal and how much do I want to add my own interpretation? Lots to think about! Oh! The joy of discovery! - And painting!

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