Monday, February 18, 2013

Oanges X 3, 6x6, oil on panel

Oranges X 3
On to oranges. Not too sure about this one, but it was nice to try something besides peppers. I think I want to do this same set up only use different background and shadow colors. Darker shadows, maybe bluer as well.

There's one more for the week.

Limes and Apple
This is by far my favorite. Might try this background and shadow color with the oranges next week. See, there's always a new idea to try! And, I think I'm learning things that will impact my landscapes when I go back to those.

The whole bunch.
From bottom left to top right (is that backwards from the way we read?), the progression of each day's painting. Left to right, bottom to top. This stretches over a bit more than a week. The first one was done in the previous week. The 2 peppers with red background were done the same day. The rest were done one each day. I see progress!

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