Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Yellow Bell #2

 Happy Valentine's Day! I guess I should've been painting a red pepper!

Yellow Bell #2, 6x6, oil on panel
Here's my second "keeper" of the Peppers. It too is the second attempt of the day. My first attempt (I should've taken a pic) had the color I wanted but too many details in the pepper. I took another look at Carol Marine's tutorial to make some comparisons. Right away I saw my "mistakes". I corrected them, which was a great learning tool and then wiped it off. I repainted it as you see it, keeping in mind the things I had done to the previous one to correct it.

The pepper with only light from the window and overhead.

This is my set up. As you can see, I waited a bit long - this pepper is starting to get shriveled! Oops.

The pepper with the direct bright light on it.
The artificial light really changes the color of things, but casts a nice shadow.

The uncropped image.
As you can see, I toned the board with an orange color that's in the pepper. It makes it easier to get that glow.

All in all, I think I learned something with this one. I hope I can apply it on my next pepper. I think it's time to cut this yellow bell open and try an "interior". How do you handle simple still lifes?

Happy painting!

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